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Field Services

KnightHawk specializes in providing field services support for all of your engineering efforts whether performed in house or contracted out to us. We have high-speed data collection equipment for process and structural dynamic analysis as well as 8 channel analyzer capabilities for detection of harmonics and acoustics. We also have battery and solar powered equipment capabilities for remote and mobile applications. This includes our potable laser scanner to conduct 3D imaging. Below is a list of our field service capabilities:

Field Services

  • Vibration Testing and Analysis
  • Data Collection
  • Troubleshooting
  • Failure Analysis
  • High Speed Video
  • Route Based Monitoring
  • Routine Monitoring
  • Laser Scanning


  • Vibration
  • Dynamic Pressure
  • Static Pressure
  • Thermographics
  • Temperature
  • Displacement
  • Strain Measurement
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